Simper's Silver Harvest


We now have an on- line shop for our home delivery service in East Suffolk.


We supply our own day caught fish and our own smoked fish from the farm here on the River Deben. We also deliver local grown seasonal veg, bread and pastries, milk, eggs and fishy treats such as anchovies, king prawns, dressed crab etc.

We update the shop regularly as Harry is at sea, so the available day caught fish will change according to our catch, however there is always a good selection of essentials and treats available to purchase on- line.

About Simper's Silver Harvest LLP

A Family Partnership

Simper's Silver Harvest LLP is a partnership of Robert Simper, his son Jonathan and his son Harry operating on the Suffolk Coast. Jonathan and Harry are both qualified commercial boat skippers and Harry, one of the youngest qualified skippers on the East Coast, was awarded Young Fisherman of the Year 2015 for his commitment and achievements in the profession.


Our boats go out for 8 – 12 hours landing the freshest Suffolk day boat fish such as Cod, Skate, Crab, Lobster, Herring, Bass, Dover Sole, Plaice and Flounder. This fish is mainly sold in bulk to merchants and at the local fish markets.


We are the only mussel producer in Suffolk and one of only two oyster producers. Our mussels and oysters are harvested all year round from our base on the banks of the river Deben near Woodbridge. We sell mainly to wholesalers but we do supply to local restaurants and pubs if the orders are large enough and the delivery works with our existing round.


Our home delivery service has proved so popular

we have taken the decision to continue long-term!




to  provide an extra service to our customers...

Home Delivered Veg Boxes

fresh ~ seasonal ~ locally grown

These will contain produce from local farmers and growers in and around Ufford, Newbourne, Capel St Mary, Ramsholt and Huntingfield and wherever possible featuring organic produce


There are two sizes of box.


A £17 box, suitable for two people .

A larger £25 box suitable for families.


To ensure we have the best of what’s in season, contents will change on a weekly basis but staples such as Potatoes, Eggs, Mushrooms and carrots will continue for the majority of the year and then what is most fresh and in season will change as the weeks go on. For most of the time the produce supplied will be harvested the day before delivery so from time to time some items may need to be substituted, as they may not be available on the delivery day.


We want to thank all our customers for your loyalty and support in the last three months during which difficult times we have built this entirely new home delivery service from scratch and enjoyed being able to provide a worthwhile service.



We will be fishing with our trawler the Diana May from the Deben and going out to sea daily as weather permits. The fish will be landed at our remote riverside farm where we have facilities to chill and pack our catch. We will then deliver in our own chiller vans with our own staff. The fish will be ready to eat and/or freeze at home on the day of delivery.

Fishing is seasonal, and exactly what our catch will be is unpredictable but at this time of year we would expect to be catching .  

Dover Sole ~ Skate ~ Whiting  ~ Rock Salmon ~ Bass~ Plaice

Sometimes we catch Turbot ~ Squid ~ Cuttle fish ~ Spider Crab

Always 10 portions of fish per box

Weight min 2kg but often near 2.8 to 3kg (dependent on species, but always 10 portions)

All Fish will be gutted  

Dover sole will be skinned

Skate will be skinned and winged

Rock Eel will be skinned 

Bass will be sold whole


You will receive a mixed box of fish ready to cook or freeze to the value of £25 per box.