Simper’s Silver Harvest LLP, Suffolk Fish & Shellfish

Harry Simper is one of the youngest qualified commercial fishing boat skippers on the East Coast. He Usually skippers the Silver Harvest IH 311, which is 22 foot long and was built for Aldeburgh beach in 1996. She is constructed fibreglass with a forward wheelhouse and is an ideal craft for the inshore fishing family business carried out.

We also have the Our Boy’s IH 45 which was also built for Aldeburgh beach. She is a traditional Aldeburgh beach boats in timber construction and is also used for the shellfish and wet fish business the Simpers fishing fleet is mainly involved in long lining for cod and skate in the winter months and in the summer months flatfish and crabs and lobsters and bass when appropriate, please contact us to find out what fish currently available.

Simper’s Deben Shellfish

We produce mussels and rock oysters and on the River Deben and have a certified and inspected purification plant at Ramsholt Lodge from where shellfish is processed from where it is dispatched to our customers.

Our shellfish boats can often be seen out at work on the River and are popular with local artists and photographers! Mussels are grown on beds on the River bottom and oysters are grown in mesh bags in a creek which we have a Crown lease over.

For further information please contact us on (01394) 411025